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The Engine 4 linecard was released as a "Time-to-Market" linecard to compete with the Juniper OC-192 offerings. Anything typically rushed does not typically turn out so well, and this linecard was another example of it. This linecard can do NO features other than simply forwarding IP and MPLS. As such, Cisco labled this as a "Backbone Release" for its 4 Port OC48 and 1 Port OC192. Two additional 10 Port Gigabit Ethernet linecards were made with similar feature limitations. The 2nd 10 Port Gigabit Ethernet linecard having additional capability for more memory.

Most service providers have traded this linecard in to upgrade to the Engine 4+ series.

  • 10Gbps to the fabric

Engine 4 - lists as L3 Engine: 4 - Backbone OC192/QOC48 (10 Gbps)

Card Part Name (FRU) Part Number (MAIN) Codename
4 Port OC48 POS SR - Backbone Release 4OC48/POS-SR-SC 800-5517-01 Unknown
4 Port OC48 POS LR - Backbone Release 4OC48/POS-LR-SC 800-7928-03 Unknown
1 Port OC192 POS SR - Backbone Release OC192/POS-SR-SC 800-5515-03 or 800-5515-01 Unknown
1 Port OC192 POS SR2 - Backbone Release OC192/POS-SR2-SC 800-17536-01 Unknown
1 Port OC192 POS VSR - Backbone Release OC192/POS-VSR 800-9004-01 Unknown
10 Port Gigabit Ethernet 10X1GE-SFP-LC 800-8816-01 X
10 Port Gigabit Ethernet (With additional memory support) 10GE-SX/LH-LC-B 800-19867-01 X-B
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